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Women and Power: Part 2

Women need to support each other and stand together against the obstacles facing us every day. It might take some time to get to gender equality, but here are 5 ways to empower women and stand as a united front.

1. Accept All Types of Women

Regardless of your religion, body type, sexual preference, or even fashion sense, we are all women and we all need to stick together. You are not just empowering the women like you. You should be empowering all women to follow their dreams, no matter what their dreams are.

2. Watch Your Language

When you call a girl a slut or a bitch, it just makes it okay for other people to use those words about women. Also using phrases such as “you guys” illuminates woman and puts them into a category under men. By watching what we say about other women, we can start to change the way society views certain words. A girl who is not as feminine might not viewed as a bitch. And a girl who is freer with her sexuality might not be referred to as a slut. When we start thinking more carefully about what we say, so will society.empowered-women

3. Speak up

This is the number one thing to do out of all of the ways to empower women. If you see a woman who is being mistreated, say something! Don’t let these things just pass by. Every time that a woman is belittled, it impacts each and every one of us. By saying something, you are letting the world know that empowering women is a not something to be taken lightly.

4. Be a Role Model

One of the easiest ways to empower women around you is to be a role model to them. Be confident and show them that it is easier than they think to be a strong and powerful woman. Women are always in need of more role models to show them the way in life. You could be just the outstanding role model a women needs in her life to empower her.

5. Complement Each Other

Going along with watching what we say, take the time to complement those around you. Women feel way more empowered when they have more confidence. That little boost of confidence you get when you receive a compliment might be just what you need to feel more confident. When we raise each other up, we are empowering each other to reach our full potential.

What did you think of these ways to empower women? What are some other ways to empower women?

6 Responses to “Women and Power: Part 2”

  1. cpowell92

    This was such a great blog post! Thank you for sharing that information! Every woman should read this and start doing it. I myself am trying to watch my language, and even get rid of cussing altogether (for lent anyway 🙂 ) But the complementing of other women and accepting all types of women is so important. I feel like the reason why women are so insecure about certain things such as their body type or sexual orientation is because of other women. If we all felt accepted by one another and lifted each other up, we would definitely be headed towards gender equality because men would have no choice but to try and be our equal. They would see how we treat ourselves and other women and they could follow in our example.


    • steeleba

      I like how you said they could follow in our example, and yes I think it would definitely move us towards being more equal.


  2. bazingaaa

    It is extremely hard to accept all women, as well as accept all men. You cannot simply accept people because they are women, you accept them because they are good people, with values and views that they stand by, with strong personalities and kindness of their hearts. I know many women that aren’t even willing to fight for the equality, and simply supporting the fact that women and men were made differently and just weren’t meant to be equal. I also know a lot of women that are not being their best, and enjoy badmouthing and judging another women, and find great pleasure in doing that. I know plenty of women, that still use PMS as their excuse for acting emotionally and inadequately. Women, who think that having the “girl’s” brain is an excuse from pursuing careers in science and technology.
    It is a great advice that you give, but it will be my next challenge to learn how to follow it.
    Thank you for your article.
    Kindest regards.


    • steeleba

      Thanks for your comment! It is sad at there are even women out there that think men and women shouldn’t be equal. And also women that enjoy putting down other women obviously have low self esteem and need to make themselves feel better, which is no excuse. If women can’t set an example to empower other women, why would a man.. Show by example.


  3. imagineherstory

    Really great post! I really enjoyed all the tips and agree with all of them! Women tend to be some of the worst perpetrators of patriarchal beliefs and this list helps us learn how to stop. I just read some really great articles talking about how we really need to be careful about calling women bossy because it creates a complex within women. They don’t want to be seen as bossy so they shirk away from leadership positions leaving men (whose actions are the same but they are seen as leaders) in positions of power.

    Some of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten is when I’ve been told that people have learned from me because of my feminist ideals. When someone says they look up to my feminist self I feel great pride, so I love the idea of making sure that you are being a role model to other women.

    The only caution I have is the bit of how we compliment each other. Yes, we should be complimenting each other, but it’s important to be careful about what we are complimenting each other on. Too often we focus on each other’s looks and we police each other in that regard more than most men, so it’s especially important that our compliments do not focus solely on each other’s outward appearance. Instead we should compliment each other’s drive, focus, leadership skills things that women are often being told are not good qualities.

    Overall great post!


    • steeleba

      @imagineherstory. I agree that there should be other compliments then their looks. But if you always complementing women of all shapes sizes and colors. I don’t nessesarily think its a bad idea. ALL women should feel beautiful and confident, which could be a step to taking that leadership position and becoming a role model for others.



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