Let’s Talk Masculinity and Hip-Hop

My favorite YouTube show is Hot Ones, a celebrity interview series where guests answer questions while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings. Despite the gimmicky premise (which does inspire some fantastic content, like this Terry Crews battle cry), the well-researched questions can lead to some surprisingly insightful answers. The latest Hot Ones guest, Offset, offered an […]

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Hyper-masculinity in Society

This past Tuesday I was given the awesome opportunity to see a documentary called “The Mask You Live In“.This documentary was absolutely amazing and put into perspective just how impactful having the gender norms our society is structured around can affect male’s of all ages. They brought up an amazing point really on in the […]

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Masc 4 Masc ONLY.

As many of you may have heard, one of the most popular gay hookup/chatting apps is called grindr. On grindr, you see all sorts of interesting people, many who are super ignorant. A lot of times, reading a blank profile, I’ll see it saying “Masc for masc only” or “No Fats, no Fems”, and in […]

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Don’t Stare at My Butt!!!

*Disclaimer: Video Contains Crude Language* So I was browsing through Facebook the other day when I found a video that caught my eye. The title read “Dude In Yoga Pants Catches Guys Staring at His Butt.” (link) I have to say I was intrigued because as a woman, who loves wearing leggings/yoga pants, I sometimes […]

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New Perspectives on Disney

Let me just start off by saying that I love Disney movies. Like, I’m that girl who will stay home on a Friday night, order pizza, and fire up her VHS player hoping that it’s not the night when it finally gives out. A few nights ago, I was at my friend’s apartment (waiting to go […]

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Tis the Season to Be…Critical

I don’t know if its the warm weather or the abundance of pollen plaguing the air but I can’t help but think about the summer which in turn makes me think of swimsuit season. UGH the dreaded words, the thoughts of self-loathing, the images of women that are prettier than you, skinnier than you and […]

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