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Sunday Night Spotlight

Check out our bloggers’ feminist picks of the week:

YourKnightinShiningTutu recommends this article about Lifetime’s reality television show “Preacher’s Daughters,” and how it is a direct representation of purity culture’s insane standards, stereotyping, and guilt-placing. 

Steelba has this to say: “This week Seth Rogan, comedy actor, spoke in front of the U.S. Senate about his mother-in-law and her suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. He makes aware how much shame and stigma comes from this disease. He stresses to be a voice for Hope which steeleba admires him for. Together him and his wife have became activist for Alzheimer’s Disease, and raise money and help families struggling with Alzheimer’s. Fighting for something for such a good cause such as Alzheimer’s Awareness is important. Make a stand and fight for the good. Check out this video.”

SarahStar77 is happy that Texas Judge,Orlando Garcia, has declared Texas’s ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional. However, the ban will be in place until an appeals court issues a ruling, which will hopefully be very soon.

mscherhorowitz found this article from PolicyMic with helpful tips on how to navigate friendships with trans people and help them feel more comfortable.

Ladylikesailormouth and ImagineHerstory found this great comic informing audiences about asexuality. Being asexual is often not part of our discourse on sexuality, but it is something we need to shed visibility onto in order to not discredit those voices.

Ladychaotica21 is outraged by the latest breach of justice to come out of Florida:  Marissa Alexander, a Floridian woman of color, faces 60 years for firing warning shots to ward off her abusive husband.  Jezebel’s weighing-in on the matter is spot-on, saying, “So while people can’t decide whether or not a person killing an innocent black teenager is murder, apparently some people know exactly how they feel when it comes to black women standing up for their own safety and lives.”

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