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Quick Hit: Red Carpet Analysis

As I’m watching the Red Carpet for the Oscars, I begin to analyze the interactions between the interviewers and the stars of the night. My friend and I are sitting here wondering why most of the women have been asked about their dresses and putting their hands in the manicure cam rather then being asked about their role.

Now I know it has been tradition to talk about the dress and I don’t mind that, but I want to hear about their role and that experience. For example Amy Adams was first asked about her dress and then asked to put her hands in the mani cam and when she was asked about American Hustle, Ryan Seacrest wanted to talk about a kissing scene. Apparently Ryan was more focused on a lip gloss scandal than focus on the fact this is first time Amy Adams has been nominated for best actress in a leading role and this is her fifth Oscar nomination overall.  I do give props for Ryan’s questions for Lupita Nyong’o, because those focused more on her process of being a student to becoming an overnight sensation, but that wasn’t the case for every actress. Another occurance of this is when they were commenting on dresses and one of the anchors tried to talk about a role that an actress had been in before, but the anchors could only think about her bag. Why is this the case? Why is it that men are never asked about their suits and why are women not being asked a lot about their roles? I would say that there have been good interviews, but overall their is a pattern that I do not like.  Think about this when you continue to watch the red carpet and the Oscars tonight!

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