Quick Hit: Campus Assault Info in the Syllabus

**Trigger Warning: Talking about campus rape and ways to get information to students**

What do you do if you are sexually assaulted? Honestly speaking, just off the top of your head do you know a resource or a number to call? I know that resources exist at JMU,  C.A.R.E. for example, but what if I didn’t? Would I really seek that information out after going through a traumatic experience? I can’t say for sure. That’s why what George Washington University’s doing is so amazing to me.


ThinkProgress has a great article about GWU and what steps the university is taking to help victims of rape. GWU is putting information about sexual assault resources in class syllabi. How cool is that!?

Scott Berkowitz, the president of the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), explains that “We’ve found that people don’t ever expect to need a service like this. They tend not to hold onto information about sexual assault services. But they are going to hold onto a syllabus, since they need it for other purposes.”

Okay so can JMU get on this please? I think it is a wonderful idea and hopefully more colleges across the globe will jump on board with this policy. The article also talks about other creative ideas such as printing info on coffee sleeves or other places where students will see. So smart! Let’s bring the information to the people, rather than telling them to seek it out on their own. What do you guys think??

2 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Campus Assault Info in the Syllabus

  1. This is awesome! George Washington University is definitely a leader right now in regards to campus sexual assault. I am sure many other universities will be following them in their footsteps very shortly. I think JMU should incorporate sexual assault ASAP as a syllabus requirement for all professors/classes as the majority of students that go here are female. Both men and women need to be aware of this subject as it is so prominent on college campuses. I think JMU could incorporate a section on how to handle sexual assault through ShoutOut! and talking to workers at JMU who are responsible for syllabus requirements. Nice post.


    1. Thank you I’m glad you agree! I talked to a friend and her concern was that if JMU put this sort of information in syllabi it could be a potential trigger for some people. I totally agree that this could be possible, but at the same time if people are triggered by the mention of resources they are likely to need them. Thanks for the comment!


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