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Quick Hit: Classy as the new C-word??

What do you feel about the phrase “That’s Classy?” I recently read this post stating that just because you are not the one partying and having one night stands does not mean you should be judging those that do. I totally agree with that statement, however I also believe that women are entitled to live their life whatever way they choose. “Nobody cares that you’ve never very publicly made out with a guy on the dance floor of your favorite bar.” This is the phrasing that was used in order to make the argument that just because you think you’re classy, does not give you the right to judge others for their choices. I felt it could have been handled in a better way, because now, all that I noticed is that you are wrong for not wanting to make out with a random guy on the dance floor (which should not be the message). Sure it’s great to let loose and no one should be chastised based on certain life decisions but I don’t think it is fair to say that all the women who choose not to participate in skinny dipping or one night stands are wrong for choosing to live that way or that they think they are better than other women. I was kind of back and forth about how I felt this article came across. What do you all think?? Is this just women continuing to bash other women or is this actually a good argument that we all should think about?

to be or not to be classy?

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