I wish we had a “like” button because I would have tried to like this 1,000 times. Especially the line “Therefore, they are more capable of excluding repulsive men like you from evolving with offspring; which may be best for the future of our society” HAHA well put. When I see articles like this I can’t believe what I am reading and get so disgusted with the ignorant people who wrote them. And then, I often do nothing. I think you are so right in the fact that we need to share this stuff, and fight against it! In a way that is what we are doing on this blog, but even just in life, in conversations, or on facebook. Bring it to your friends attention and talk about it and get them to tell their friends etc. The more people talk about the “wrongness” of it all, the more likely change will occur. I will definitely be telling my friends about this one!!