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Mary Lambert: The Musician & Activist

*Trigger Warning- Will Be Discussing Rape Culture*

“Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet.”

When I walked into Memorial that Saturday night, I had no idea what to expect from Mary Lambert’s performance. I was excited to see this woman beyond Macklemore, because I knew she had so much to give. What I did not know is that I would be in tears for most of the show which proved to be so cathartic. Mary Lambert has this raw vulnerability that you can only fully experience when seeing her live and her lyrics reach to the core of your being.  She claims that a lot of her songs are sad, because she is a sad person (jokingly), but her songs are just honest.

What I really liked about her set was the incorporation of spoken word. Two of the poems that I gravitated to was Body Love and Heavy and Light. Body Love is proclamation that we as women should love our bodies, “no matter whether you’re a size 16 or a size 4.” She said before she performed this song that there will be a music video for the spoken word and I thought that is so cool! I am glad there are women like Mary Lambert who use their voice to speak about these issues of body image. I remember being in the audience as she was playing the piano and saying these words of loving yourself and I began to cry, because you knew none of the words were bullshit.

Mary Lambert, if you read some of her bios, you will know that she has come from some dark places, so hearing this spoken word from her made it that much more believable.  Mary Lambert also talked about rape culture in her poem Heavy and Light. Coming from someone who is a survivor it really touched me that she chooses to do this poem in her set. I hardly ever hear of musicians incorporating poetry to begin with and then Mary comes in and talks about these heavy issues, I admire her for this, so much.  One of the lines that I find most captivating is, “Rape is not a man behind the bush with a knife, she laughs, it’s kissing you on the mouth, like whisky at a nice bar.”

I relate this back to what ladylikeasailormouth said in her most recent post, that rape is more of an act of power seeking. The images of the scary attacker hides the truth that rape can happen between best friends, a significant other, etc.  I really appreciate Mary Lambert for being an artist that can speak on these topics with such determination to see these perceptions change. If you didn’t see Mary Lambert on Saturday night, I feel really really sorry for you, she was absolutely breath taking. From Sarasavati to Body Love, there was not a moment of that performance where I wasn’t in awe. Mary Lambert is not just a musician, not just a poet, but a true activist.

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