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Sunday Night Spotlight


Redheadfemme found an interesting article on Feministing about Arizona’s new discriminatory legislation.

lfleetwood loves that a Tucson Pizzeria is showing support for LGBT rights when such a discriminatory bill has just been passed. If you’re in the area, this is the place you might considering eating discrimination-free!

Truequeerlatte wants you to take a look at this article, which shuts down the myth that someone can be too sexy to rape.

Chellebelle says, “The double standard for women is confusing and exhausting but this article explains how what we as a society teach our daughters and sons is the real issue. We as a society must become more accepting and eliminate the use profanity to address women.”

XenawarriorPrincess says, “This article is inspiring. A 17 year old girl has made a worldwide petition in the UK to spread knowledge on FGM (female genital mutilation) with over 150,000 signatures since she started on Feb. 5.”

Cpowell92 doesn’t understand why this girl even continued to talk this arrogant jerk. He calls women who sleep around “sluts” and says obviously all sluts are unintelligent since they choose to sleep with “many” other guys. Watch out for these men!

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