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A little more misery for your next V-Day!

Greetings Bloggers!!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day! To those who did not celebrate it, I hope you had a great Friday, February 14th, 2014! Speaking of those who do not celebrate it, I bet you are actually fed up with the V-Day Hoopla, kind of like I was after about an hour of waking up that day. I ask myself, why is it that that holiday is one of the most dreaded/anticipated holidays of the year? Well, a recent article that a fellow blogger showed me (a big thank you to them) put it in perspective for me. Of course I don’t like Valentine’s Day, because I am alone. Which is the most horrible thing on this planet for a woman over the age of 22, right?

Find your man soon!!

Find your man soon!!

The ONE thing I liked about this article was that it was daring in the fact that it discussed the idea that women have the ability reach great academic and professional standards. My enjoyment of the article ended there because the way it talked about those accomplishments was basically if you have them, good luck getting a man. Sure, as women, we are now capable of amazing success unlike ever before, but what are we sacrificing in return? A HUSBAND!

do you have a ring?

Basically, if you are planning on having an exceptional career after college than be prepared to crash and burn when it comes to relationships and finding a husband. You have to choose! This is a divided path and you have to decide on the one that means more to you because you cannot have both. If you want a fabulous job than all the men who are “good enough” will not be available if you wait to snag them. However, if you do choose to have a man, then that’s great, you win (except for the whole having a job you love part)!

women are cows?

Don’t get me wrong, powerful and smart women could settle for less and still have the career. You would just have to deal with having a stupid moron for a husband (sorry guys). Why you ask? Well because by the time you reach your professional peak, all the smart, eligible bachelors will be taken by the younger, more sexy women who did not wait to catch themselves a man! They were smart; they looked for this man in college (instead of studying or learning apparently). They also did not have casual sex because this would have made their milk free instead of expensive (ha because people still use that line). And don’t even get me started on the whole cow as an analogy for women thing…

I think the icing on the cake was the last line of the article where the author says that we should “avoid falling for the P.C. feminist line that has misled so many young women for years. There is nothing incongruous about educated, ambitious women wanting to be wives and mothers…And if you fail to identify “the one” while you’re in college, don’t worry-there’s always graduate school.” This depresses me because my top graduate school accepts a large majority of women. So for me, I’m screwed. Good thing I love sushi and “Downton Abbey” reruns…

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