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British Men’s “Perfect Girlfriend” Survey… Innocent Fantasy? or Feminist Nightmare?

There’s been a recent female uproar over a survey that was given by a dating app called Lovoo that revealed what 2,000 British men believe the traits of their ideal woman would be. It turns out that most men want their girlfriends to look like Kelly Brook, meaning a 5ft 5in brunette weighing in at 128 pounds and sports perky 34Cs. Along with these extremely idealistic physical attributes, the survey revealed a list (found at the Siasat Daily) of other extremely in-depth and specific traits that the surveyed British men ideally wish for in their perfect woman:

Kelly Brook Source: GentSide

Kelly Brook
Source: GentSide

  • doesn’t wear heavy makeup,
  • has the “caring” profession of either a nurse or schoolteacher
  • is adventurous in the bedroom and “happy to embark” in role-play.
  • likes to go to bars with friends, watch live music and go out for dinner.

The survey even revealed traits as specific as wanting a woman who is a supporter of Manchester United (a British soccer team) and watches the television show “Game of Thrones.”

Now, those last two I just find entertaining, but I can of course see how the rest of the results of this survey can be and has been offensive to women. Some may see these men as expecting beyond-reachable ideals for all women to attain, but I also think we all need to take this survey as what it is, which is a survey of their ideal perfect girlfriend. Of course, I have no clue as to what the questions of the survey were like, so for the sake of all our sanity, I’ll assume that it was entirely superficial and not personality or depth based because on that basis, I 100 percent agree with Sanghani. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that when they’re interested in courting a woman they’re going to drop her because of something as stupid as her not loving to watch a specific television show.

I mean, probably the most upsetting results would be the extremely detailed, shallow and mostly unattainable physical traits! Not to mention the extremely predictable and angering stereotype of the woman needing to be in a “caring” nurse or school teacher profession… BUT! That’s not to say that if a similar survey was given to heterosexual women of what they’d like their ideal man to be, we wouldn’t have the fantasy of him looking something like Channing Tatum,

For everyone's viewing pleasure - Channing Tatum Source: InStyle

For everyone’s viewing pleasure – Channing Tatum
Source: InStyle

being as intelligent and successful as Bill Gates, and expressing the personality/relationship traits that of Ryan Gosling from the Notebook! Or at least that’d be mine… So I don’t know, get angry with me, call me naive, etc. But I think everyone’s entitled to their fantasies of superficial “perfection” in a partner – the key to this however, is that they’re fantasies.

If these men are not simply answering these questions of fantastical-desires, but what they actually look for in a woman and, dare I say, judge them on, well then they’re beyond my help and consideration and frankly, extremely shallow and simple-minded men setting impossible standards for women. And yes, those men do exist unfortunately, but let’s just hope, for the sake of all our sanity, that the questions on this survey weren’t about personality and depth, and simply asked about superficial ideals.

Maybe I’m giving these men too much benefit of the doubt, what do you all think? Forgive and continue to fantisize? Or tell these British men to stick their ridiculous standards where the sun don’t shine?

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