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Quick Hit: V-day Flash Mob

Happy Sunday Everybody!

I wanted to share something that is happening FRIDAY on JMU’s campus! There will be a flash mob on the commons on Friday at 12:30. What is this flash mob for you say?? It is for JMU Rising, an organization based off of One Billion Rising which is a global movement to end gender-based violence here and abroad. You can learn more about the movement here. You can also learn the choreography for the flash mob and participate! See you there 🙂


7 Responses to “Quick Hit: V-day Flash Mob”

  1. bestlittlelion92

    I’m really glad that you’re sharing this with a wider audience. Valentine’s Day is such a commercial holiday and it’s great to see some substance! I definitely will be out there dancing 🙂


  2. mymanifesta

    I am so excited for this! My roommates and I have all been watching the video. There is also going to be a performance of the Vagina Monologues on campus at Duke Hall this Thursday night! So much feministing on campus – I love it!


    • tohellwithsugarandspice

      Feministing for the win! I would love to check out Vagina Monologues as well. As far as the flash mob goes- I’ll see you and your roomies on the dance floor!


  3. steeleba

    This is awesome! And I love how they are doing it on Valentine’s Day to focus on something other than love relationships.



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