Quick Hit: Mannequin’s Are A-Changing

Have you heard about what’s going on with mannequin’s these days?  Probably not, since I assume most of you have better things to do than staying up to date with what’s going on in the plastic body world, and no I’m not talking about Hollywood. Anyway, there has been this sudden increase of using mannequin bodies that look like…wait for it…real bodies!

Picture of mannequin's of different sizes
Source: Jezebel.com


It first started out with Sweden producing “full figured” mannequins in lingerie shops.  Now we’ve got American Apparel sporting mannequins that have a full bush of pubic hair, now whether that is for positive body image or some fashion statement who knows.  But hey!  I’ll take it anyway!  Then there was the time when mannequins were shown that resembled the bodies of those who have disabilities and an awesome video was shown of the reactions of those who actually looked like the mannequins seeing themselves reflected back to them.

Finally, according to a Jezebel.com article mannequins are getting a makeover.  They are being produced so that they have bigger waistlines, tattoos, back fat, the works.  Now granted these companies probably aren’t doing this because they realize how horrible the media is to those who aren’t the “perfect” womanly ideal, but they are doing it.  So, while the reason may not be great I can’t really be mad about the outcome.  Being a woman of the larger variety seeing a mannequin that’s my size would just be amazing.  My hope is that by making women feel confident while shopping, you know rather than that horrible depressed feeling you get when you can’t relate to or buy anything in a store because it doesn’t fit you, companies will realize that happy women will buy more stuff.  And the best way to make a woman feel happy is by making her feel comfortable and confident just the way she is.

So, tell me what mannequin changes do you hope to see next?

One thought on “Quick Hit: Mannequin’s Are A-Changing

  1. Can I get an AMEN!?? I couldn’t agree more with this. I think by them incorporating more realistic mannequins, they not only will attract a wider range of customers, but also gain more loyal and happy customers who are willing to spend money at their store more often! Its definitely is a win-win situation.
    As for what they should do next, maybe create mannequins that have more realistic skin tones, because we’re all not just black or white, many of us are in between that very basic range. Another cool thing to add would be the differences in hair; curly, straight, black, brown, sandy blonde, wavy, etc. I think the more accurate and individualized these mannequins get, women become more comfortable in their own skin and willing to make a happy purchase.


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