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Grammy Performance Makes History

Hello Everyone! Bestlittlelion92 is back in action and I knew that my first post would have to be about my opinion of the Same Love performance at the Grammy’s. When my friend first showed me this song and the video, I was impressed that a rapper was willing to talk about marriage equality, but I didn’t think it would go beyond youtube. To my surprise this was one of the biggest songs of the year, I would hear it on the radio all the time, and each time I would blast it in the car.This song became an anthem for the LGBT community, at least that’s how I viewed this song at first.  This is prevalent time for LGBT rights, specifically gay marriage, and with many of our states coming around, I’m afraid that the public is beginning to think the battle is over, but it’s not.


I commend Same Love just for the simple fact that an ally is willing to step up in the hip hop community and talk about a marginalized group, but at the same time marriage equality is not the only thing we are fighting for. Trans people are being murdered, people can still be fired for being LGBT, and queer people of color often get ignored.  With this being said, I still really appreciate Macklemore as an ally to this community and what he did at the Grammys, I’m still thinking about how beautiful that moment was for me and my friend as we sat there watching progression happening. This kind of moment would have never happened 50 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, and it makes me excited for the constant changes that is going to happen in this community.


While I loved this moment, not everyone was impressed with the call to action performance.  Some people thought that the Grammys should focus on the music and not be so political, but isn’t the whole point of music  having the ability to express your opinions, and speak about whats real. Members of the LGBT community were confused why straight couples were getting married as well. I really liked what Queen Latifah said about same love is all about one love, and that’s what I believe the different couples represented. Some of the straight couples were interracial and may have faced family scrutiny for the relationship, and others may have faced peer refusal as well. Also when we combine all these relationships, it no longer becomes “gay marriage,” it becomes marriage.Some Christians expressed their dislike of the song in the first place, saying it presents are Christians as hateful, which I don’t believe Macklemore was getting at, but I can empathize with this sentiment. Some people also disapproved of Madonna, I just questioned what was the point of her being in the number. I didn’t necessarily think she was bad, I was just really confused of the spectacle she created.

My overall opinion is that this song is lovely, though there are a couple of lyrics in the song that I disapprove of, such as “if I was gay I think hip hop hates me” because there have been rappers who have spoken about LGBT rights, just haven’t had the privilege or ability to present their music main stream. Even though this was a performance that may be more political then most, I believe it was right for the time, we as a community needed this, at least I did. Though it would be cool if Macklemore made even more songs about the community and had Mary Lambert sing with, I doubt that will happen, but I do respect his craft and his work. We do still have a lot of work to do for this community and a certificate on paper isn’t going to solve it all,  but it’s a damn good place to start.


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