Thanksgiving Body Image Blues (Sort Of)

Welcome back from break, everyone!

I thought that it would be a good day to talk about body image, considering the fact that I ate about 70,456 tons of food over Thanksgiving Break and, frankly, still feel straight up FAT. I have always struggled with my body image – just as many others have. On that lovely and amazing three-year-puberty-trip through middle school, I gained about 40 pounds and two or three (or five or six) pants sizes. Basically, after a certain point in my young adult life, I was no longer a size four and my body NEVER graced that “small” size again.

There were some days that I was okay with that…but most days I couldn’t hack it. Obviously that kind of time in any kid’s life is pretty ridiculous – everyone’s bodies are teeming with hormones, after all. But with all of the negative body talk I heard, and all of the information that was crammed down my throat telling me I HAD to be skinny, HAD to have big boobs and a big butt but also a thin waist, HAD to attain a “sexually attractive” status…I possessed absolutely no respect for myself and I had an incredibly negative body image. There were some days that I thoroughly believed that I was hideous.

Now that I am in college and have had a chance to experience a little more of what Life Is Actually All About, I definitely have more okay body image days than bad body image days. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the good days outweigh the okay days. We are still told, day in and day out, that the physicality of our bodies is our one ticket to fame, money, relationships, and a sense of self worth. It is hard to go against the grain and say, “Fuck you, mainstream media, I am just as gorgeous as any other person out there!” when that same mainstream media has beat into your psyche that you AREN’T as gorgeous as every other person out there (and oh, by the way, maybe buy another lipstick or lotion or cellulite reducing gel or more SHIT to make you just as gorgeous!). On the serious side of things though, are a natural way of treating your body.

Speaking of mainstream media, I’ve been following these STUPID stories about the “Fit Mom” – if you don’t know, she’s just that one really fit woman that basically said “fat people are lazy”. When I first read all of the completely idiotic bullshit that this woman was saying, I was actually kind of enraged. What the hell gives this woman the right to judge anyone who isn’t herself? Maria, you look great! Good job! Now why are you trying to (meanly) impose your rigid fitness lifestyle on those who, frankly, just want you to fuck off?


Then I realized, damn. This girl is stuck back in middle and high school. That’s all she is – a mean girl. When you say shit like, “When we normalize being unhealthy we create complacency to positively change,” you obviously don’t realize that there are some people who ARE healthy but don’t look like a 20 Jillian Michaels wannabe. It isn’t anyone’s fault if they run on the treadmill three to four times a week and don’t eat red meat or pork, and STILL weigh over 150 pounds (ahem, ME). Sometimes, our bodies just look the way that they look. I have lost weight in the past by eating nothing but salad everyday – but guess what, my weight usually comes back up to about 150 pounds and just chills there at that number when I start consuming anything other than lettuce. I’m not going to kill myself working out when there are other things that are more important to me, like my relationships and my schoolwork.

No kidding, dude.
No kidding, dude.

The moral of this story is essentially that there is nothing wrong with being a curvy girl. It doesn’t mean that you don’t take care of yourself or that you’re lazy, Maria Kang. It just means you have better things to do than going to the gym for 8,072 hours every week. So, what’s my excuse? My excuse is that I’m trying not to be a product of the media anymore. Try it sometime – it’s really freakin’ nice.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Body Image Blues (Sort Of)

  1. Wow, I loved this post! This topic is ALWAYS important because it’s just so freakin’ relevant. First off, that woman sounds insane, I’ll never understand why there is such pressure for moms’ to maniacally work off post-baby bodies. Also, I love your point about healthy coming in all shapes and sizes because it almost seems like a myth, what with all the propaganda media throws our way about being tiny and skinny. Great post.


    1. Thanks! I mean, I may not be able to compete in the Olympics, but that isn’t because I’m “unhealthy”. Just because Maria Kang looks like Maria Kang, DOESN’T meant that every woman should look like Maria Kang.


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