Female Brain: Technology Deterrent (…Really?)

I know I have told you lovely readers this before…but I am a writing major. Did you know, though, that I started off in Biology? HAHAHAHA – ahem, excuse me. Really though, I did. It was incredibly difficult, not only because we had to memorize what the inside of a cell looks like, as well as all of the processes that go on inside a cell, and the way that the cell has evolved over thousands of years (you get the picture). Biology, as a major, was incredibly difficult because of chemistry. I cried and pulled my hair out over that stupid class sooooo many nights during the very first semester of my freshman year. The math almost literally made my brain melt. It was so stressful that I simply ran in the opposite direction, to writing, never looking back – until this semester.

I am an Environmental Studies minor, and up until this semester I had taken minor electives that were in the realm of sociology, communications, or ethics. For the past 13 weeks, however, I have been struggling through a 300 level environmental engineering and tech course. It has been giving me a serious run for my money, and only further confirming the fact that I am NOT, by ANY means, technologically inclined.

Well guess what one of my guy friends said? You guessed it – I am doing so poorly in the class because I am a woman. Apparently, having a vagina means you can’t “do” math and science. SILLY ME. I totally forgot that the only thing women were good at was getting married, making babies, cooking, running a vacuum, and decorating. My bad. (Can you feel the sarcasm? I’m laying it on thick for a reason.)

Obviously, that is stupid. Vaginas are not a black hole for the understanding and application of math and science. I know plenty of women who are very technologically inclined. However, this strange and archaic opinion is apparently one that is shared by many men (and possibly women, although I would hope not), including Stuart Varney, a FOX newscaster.

(You are probably wondering why the hell I know about something that a FOX newscaster said – rest assured, I do not get my news from that crappy ass channel. I saw an article about it on Jezebel and before I completely went off the deep end into a feminist rage, I remembered the conversation my guy friend and I had last week and basically just thought, “Well, I’ll be damned”.)

Yes, Stuart, that was stupid...
Yes, Stuart, that was stupid…

Basically, Stuart Varney is attributing the fact that there are not more women in tech careers to the female brain. So apparently, Varney thinks that female brains are striped pink and purple, shaped like butterflies and flowers, sparkly, and smell like Christmas cookies and Yankee candles – which, of course, means that they are not conducive to the quite robust and manly solving of the world’s problems through math and science! His direct quote is, “It’s a very difficult question to ask, actually, because it’s politically incorrect – is there something about the female…braaaaiinnn that, uh, is a deterrent for getting on board with tech?”

Well, how interesting. See, I thought that the fact that there are fewer women in tech careers was attributed to the Patriarchy. But shit, maybe I was wrong – I do have a female brain after all.

According to this New York Times article, only 16% of the directors for Fortune 500 companies are women. That is waaaaay less than half. I, obviously, don’t think this has anything to do with female brains. I am more apt to think this is the glass ceiling, which is actually a real thing, by the way. Men have tried time and time again to keep women out of these positions – ever heard the phrase “This country isn’t ready for a female president”? Yeah. Ladies, we may have viciously fought and climbed our way up the corporate ladder thus far; but, frankly, it seems like they are trying to keep us off of that top rung. Let’s keep pushing – maybe one day, I won’t even have to write a post like this.


2 thoughts on “Female Brain: Technology Deterrent (…Really?)

  1. This topic is very appealing to me because I automatically thought about my own life. My boyfriend is a Biology major and I am a Theatre major with a Communication Studies minor. The thing is, I didn’t choose to be a Theatre major because I found Science or Math too difficult, it just happens to not interest me as much. There were times when my boyfriend and I were in high school and he understood everything that was happening in AP Biology whereas sometimes I would be lost on why certain “processes” were actually occurring. When I took math twice at JMU, I received an A in both classes because females have “different brains”…ha! (I was actually tutoring guys in my classes!) It varies from person to person, a gender cannot be labeled.. I 100% agree that “vaginas are not a black hole for understanding math and technology” because I know many women who excel in these areas and are in very high executive positions in their company.

    The fact that there are only 16% of women directors in Fortune 500 companies shows that the “glass ceiling” still exists. I do not believe that there are not at least 50% of women who are capable and have the technological skills to hold these high titles. Women are looked at differently than men because sometimes that can have an equal education, equal experience and equal knowledge but because companies assume that men will do a better job in these positions, they usually get first dibs. I hope that one day we are able to overcome this inequity and actually give women the opportunities that they work long and hard for. It is much harder for women to work their way up to the top than it is for men and it should not be that way.


  2. Thanks for your comment! I really do agree with you. It just gets incredibly frustrating to hear people constantly spout off information about women that has no grounding in actual fact! If Stuart Varney was a psychologist with a PhD, then maybe I would think about considering (only) his comment instead of dismissing it for idiocy.

    AS IT IS, however, he isn’t a doctor of psychology – he’s just some asshole on a really crappy, chauvinistic, conservative network. I took it for it what it was – total crap.


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