5 Badass Female Slam Poets You Should Know

We often look at feminism as something that needs to be serious or maybe even academic. Art forms and performance pieces can speak just as loudly though about female oppression and feminism. So to shake things up, here are five badass women who are slam poets. Their work ranges from intersectionality to perceptions of feminists. Check out their poems and support female artists. It is when we see women’s issues in everyday or relatable contexts that we can see even more why feminism is needed.

Rachel Rostad – “To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang”

Rachel Rostad talks about racism, particularly Asian stereotypes, placed on women and the expectations of women to fulfill those characteristics in the real world. For example, for Asian women to be submissive.

“We giggle behind small hands and ‘No Speak Engrish’

What else could a man see in me?

What else can I be but what you make me?

Subordinate. Submissive. Subplot”

Lauren Zuniga- Girl:Explode

Lauren Zuniga throws down some empowered realness of how women are expected to act and the response when women decide to buck cultural feminine norms.

“Add the number of shoes, shampoos and open lines of credit

subtract your size and body fat percentage,

divide by marriage proposals and dozens of roses

and then you will know

if you are a worth while woman!”

Mindy Nettifee – For Young Women Who Don’t Consider Themselves Feminists (The Last Nerve)

Mindy Nettifee address the women who don’t consider themselves as feminists and what it means when ‘feminism’ is given other connotations.


“If I exploit myself first I will be spared exploitation right?

If I don’t claim the war as mine I won’t be targeted

If I don’t want it


It won’t hurt when I can’t have it.”

Kait Rokowski- “How to Cure a Feminist”

Kait Rokowski takes a funny tone turned serious on male perceptions of feminism and instances of male dominance.

“How to cure a Feminist:

Ever find a pretty little lady at a bar

The type of look the screams of arm candy

The type of skin that longs to be unzipped

Only to find out that she is an empowered woman

Well wait no longer man friend

Just follow these simple steps to cure your feminist…”

Sierra DeMulder- “Vaginazilla”

Sierra DeMulder brings a hilarious tone to the issue of men talking about periods and the perceptions of tampons and periods.

“I understand you might already know about the vagina’s basic evolutionary function

I.E.- peeing, bleeding, and Woody Allen impressions

But there is so much more danger mi amigo!

For example, cramps are actually caused by tiny ovary gnomes strangling the balls off your philopian tubes.

Bears aren’t attracted to menstrual blood- menstrual blood is attracted to bears!

The only way to protect your daughter is to lock her in a closet for five days like a bleeding Harry Potter!”

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