Sunday Night Spotlight

Check out what our bloggers found most newsworthy in this week’s edition of Sunday Night Spotlight!

Houseofadoll wants to share this link.  It takes a brief look at the role Miley Cyrus has, and is, playing in shaping the feminist world today. She, unlike many female pop stars, even admits to the public that she is “one of the biggest feminists in the world”. According to this source, she (and a few others) has been the spark that has ignited a movement to take back the word feminism and reclaim it with the positive connotation it actually has. And it’s about time we do that.

Bestlittlelion92 was also struck by the news that Miley Cyrus thinks she’s one of the biggest feminist in the world. What do you think about that? Check out Jezebel’s opinion.

Ladylikesailormouth was intrigued by this article discussing the glass ceiling in the cooking world. While cooking seems like a domestic task, the culinary world is dominated by men, leaving women out of the kitchen. An interesting take on a field where we need more feminism.

El Feministo was pleased to find this update via The Telegraph on Iran’s relief of decades old morality laws. Since its inception, the “modesty project” has slowly molded the Iranian culture into a state of fear and oppression, insisting women not only dress and act a certain way, but are at the mercy of vigilante thugs who enforce and enact punishment for deviance. In a press conference President Hassan Rouhani said, “Do I disagree with the way our women are asked to be modestly dressed in public? I certainly do. Modesty is beyond wearing the hijab. The way the vigilantes interpret the question of modesty antagonises our society and has negative results which is contrary to the teaching of Islam and is unconstitutional.”

Redheadfemme found this article about sexism and fat-shaming in one of her favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually.

hearmeroar12 was frustrated by this article this week. Slut-shaming is a real thing…and it just goes to show that we still need feminism. The fight for equality isn’t over.

Lfleetwood has this to share this week:  Nikita Rau is a high school senior getting her high school involved in a computer science club known as XX Hackers, a club promoting women in coding. She developed this idea from a summer program titled Girls Who Code and is hoping to get more girls at her school involved.

Imagine you’re a server at a restaurant.  Your table leaves, and you scurry over to see what tip they left.  Instead of a tip, though, you get a note that reads “Sorry, I can’t tip you because I don’t agree with your lifestyle.”  That’s the anti-gay message one waitress received recently.  Infuriated?  So is Ladychaotic21.  Read the full story here.

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