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ShoutOut’s Sunday Night Spotlight

Hello, faithful readers!

Check out what our bloggers thought was all the rage in feminist news in this week’s Links Roundup:

Ladylikesailormouth loved the argument this artist made about how Disney princesses are drawn. He explains that the same glossy brush for every princess. So he not only shows how ridiculous the princess image can be, but he also shows us some women who are badass and should be role models for young girls.

Lfleetwood wants to call to our attention the horrors the members of pussy riot have endured for over a year and a half after their arrests, and have only gotten worse. Nadya Tolokonnikova is now missing after a prison transfer following a public hunger strike and letter released about prison conditions.

Bestlittlelion92 asks, “What do you think advances the hook up culture? Check out a story saying it’s definitely not feminism.”

hearmeroar12 and Redheadfemme were frustrated this week with this Jezebel post. All of these women say that they aren’t feminists…why? Why does feminism have such a negative connotation? All we want is equality. There is nothing militant about that. To quote Caitlin Moran…”Do you have a vagina and do you want to be in charge of it? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you are a feminist.”

Ladychaotica21 found this great article about the dilemma a feminist bride faces.  While it’ll be a while before I walk down the aisle, it’s interesting to think about what my wedding might look like as a feminist, and what cognitive dissonance I might encounter.

Houseofadoll has this to share: “abortion is always a very controversial topic and while I won’t voice my opinion on the matter… These 10 abortion survivors are more than worth reading about.”

El Feministo found this insightful post from The Good Men Project about conflict resolution. While it’s written towards quarreling couples, Feministo finds the main points brought up to be far reaching and applicable to life in general. One particularly convicting line reads, “You can only change yourself. If you are waiting for the other person to take initiative and be the first to change, you’re going to be waiting for a long time.” It’s important to be reminded that respect is holding yourself to the same accountability expect of others.

ImagineHerstory loved reading this article about feminism doesn’t need a rebrand, but actually needs more people to follow it

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