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What is this, Westboro Baptist or something?

I was scrolling through my twitter feed a couple of days ago and found this story. A woman named Tippi McCullough was fired from her teaching job at Mount St. Mary Academy in Arkansas…just for marrying the woman that she loves. Didn’t the new pope say, just this year, that the Catholic religious community should put aside the judgment of LGBT individuals? Apparently Mount St. Mary didn’t really get the memo

"Hey, what are you doing, Mount St. Mary?!"

“Hey, what are you doing, Mount St. Mary?!”

I grew up Catholic. I am no longer Catholic. It may have been the particular church that I went to the put me off, or maybe the patriarchal nature of Catholicism. I definitely know that my church’s dedication to inequality and patriarchy put me off, so I guess it was probably a combination of both. Its stories like these that convince me that I made a good choice to no longer identify as a Catholic. Singling a woman out for termination because she did something that goes against Catholic beliefs is ridiculous, and it sets a precedent that says that homosexuality is wrong. I’d also like to point out…if a teacher cheated on their husband or wife, would they be fired? If they took God’s name in vain, would they be fired? Most likely not, because those are personal issues, even if they do go against “God’s word”. So why was this woman fired for something that she did in her personal life?

I get it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you want to say that “God hates fags” then I can’t stop you, even if you’re opinion is completely misguided, ignorant, and wrong. But I would like to point out something else that I learned from going to a Catholic church my entire life – God said that we shouldn’t judge people. How does that saying go? “There’s nobody quite as mean as people being mean for Jesus.” It’s really true. So, no matter where you are on the spectrum of religious belief, take a second to digest that saying and what it means. Then, sign this Human Rights Campaign petition to get Tippi McCullough her job back, because she never should have been fired in the first damn place.

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