THEY forgot who they are talking to.

The past few months I have found myself becoming more and more interested in the issue of women’s healthcare because of a personal connection. My mom being a 6 year breast cancer survivor, sees it as only right to get the genetic testing done for her three daughters; but there is the haunting idea that if the test comes back positive, that my sisters and I will struggle to get our own healthcare. My mom has stressed the importance of self breast exams and being aware of your own health, but is that enough? If my mom carries the genetic strand of breast cancer, why shouldn’t my sisters and I as young women know what we are up against?

This video may be short, but says so much in so little time. The video starts off by showing women in protest, athletics, combat, factories, and even judicial positions. This way of starting the video is so empowering when seeing these images and hearing the narrating words. “They told us we couldn’t do the work, to act like ladies, know your place.” This sentence shows the events and history that has gotten us to today, and the challenges that still face us. “But we would’t take no for an answer.” It is this sentence where the video portrays our strength as women, and our one characteristic that separates us from men, determination.

The purpose of this video is to address the discrimination that we have and are continuing to receive as women with healthcare. The video emphasizes the governments want for us to pay more than men for protection of our health. My biggest annoyance with women’s healthcare is the fact that the government thinks that it is acceptable to punish us for having children. The health care industries hold a dark cloud over our heads for being women and having a uterus, yet only a few years ago, it was our ONLY job to have children. As the years pass, society is continuously being hypocrites about what they want from us, from women. It is today that we do not wait around to be told who to be and what to do, but to tell them what we want and what WE as human beings deserve.

Things such as birth control, breast cancer screenings, prenatal vitamins and many others are the big “no no’s” in healthcare, but why? Because they are strictly assets to women? Is there really any other justified reason for not insuring such things, or is it because of the women who use them? I recently was told by my inspiring feminist professor, Janell Bauer that something like Viagra is being insured, but not birth control. HOW IS THAT RIGHT?! It appears to me that those people who are in charge of such things have tunnel vision; no aspiration for equality, because they are stuck living in the past.


My last ball of fire lies within the issue of birth control. We as women are not able to get birth control to be paid for by our health care providers, making it much more tempting to just not even take it. When we are forced to not be taking such contraceptives because of the high cost for such things, unexpected pregnancies are occurring more and more as a result. This result leads to women having to contemplate abortions, which we all know is seen as a horrible thing to some. Moral of the story is, if health insurance would simply cover payments for something as common as birth control, then the issue of pro choice and pro life would not need to even be contemplated.

This video is a great updated way of showing those women who are not as educated on this topic of healthcare. It emphasizes today’s government fighting to take back all the rights that we as women have worked so hard to get.

It could be the difference of one day or one generation to prepare me for that possible life changing lump. Today healthcare coverage is in the hands of the government, but tomorrow it could be in our hands. Lets not let THEM forget who they are talking to.

** Below is a website with a lot of information that I have found and other videos too which can show you m ore information on women’s healthcare fight.

One thought on “THEY forgot who they are talking to.

  1. I’m glad I found your article. I would never have made sense of this topic on my
    own. I’ve read a number of articles on this topic,
    but I was confused until I read yours.


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