Birth Control + You: Real Talk

  Have you ever uttered the words “birth control” in a crowded room, only to have a slew of back-to-back horror stories told to you by 10 different humans? Perhaps you’ve been to the gynecologist or your nearest WebMD web page, only to be completely overwhelmed with options and medical jargon that goes in one […]

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Politics and Planned Parenthood

Unless your name is Patrick Star and you live under a rock, then you are well aware that election season is upon us. The candidates have stepped forward and both the Republican and Democratic debates have passed. All eyes have been on these politicians and all ears have been ready to hear their stances on […]

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PMS: Now Regulated By Patriarchy

Alright, I’ll admit it every month when good ole Mother Nature decides to make her visit I am not a happy camper.  The bloating, the desire to eat EVERYTHING in sight, the constant worry of leaking, and unbearable cramps adds up to me not having a good time.  Now because we’re talking about the capitalistic […]

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