Links Round-Up

It’s time for our final links round-up this semester here at ShoutOut! The writers and I have really enjoyed bringing you interesting and informative stories every week, and we hope we’ve expanded your regular internet reading to even more amazing feminist blogs.

Without further ado:

JGrand50 brings us a look at next year’s Supreme Court case on the legality of Defense of Marriage Acts. 

In a related link, an article about six reasons that gay marriage benefits everyone.

Ryan Gosling, who usually has words of feminist wisdom on this tumblr, got personal this week with a message Hannah Grace needed! She was also pleased to see Jezebel’s article on 5 Ways Men Are Fighting Sexism, including partiipating in a Twitter strike to protest hate rants online. Good work guys!


Classifiedsarcastic wants us to check out this link about the first lady of France and her activist feminist ways who…. doesn’t identify as a feminist!? This article explores the implications of women not identifying as feminists.

Do women who exotic dance for a living disempower themselves? Or are there empowering benefits to dancing? Find out!

Eszenyme shared this amazing photo and article from Jezebel. Who doesn’t love Meryl and
Hillary in the same picture being awesome?

It’s law school season! Great resource for women pursuing law school this year! It has advice for lots of situations female (and male) 1Ls find themselves in.

And finally, Femistorian really enjoyed this discussion about the importance of identifying as a feminist.

But, perhaps more importantly, check out this amazing oral history of the best show ever on television, Freaks & Geeks. The main character, Lindsey Weir, made me feel okay about choosing a different path than one that’s expected of me.

One thought on “Links Round-Up

  1. I’ve identified as a feminist since 1970, over 40 years ago. It has not harmed my career and I’ve taught feminist courses for over 30 years. Men have less to lose adopting the feminist label than do women, in my opinion.


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