Winter Break Hiatus

That’s right readers, it’s finals week here at JMU. Which also means that we’ll be taking a break from regular blogging until the Spring semester starts in January. But keep a look out for any updates our bloggers might post over the break!

That being said, I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of our readers for continuing to support the blog. Your comments and views mean a great deal to all of us at ShoutOut!, and we hope you’ll continue to read our blog and learn more about feminism in the coming semester.

Additionally, I want to thank our amazing advisor, Dr. Aleman. I was lucky enough to begin working with her my freshman year at JMU, and she has been a constant source of support and guidance ever since. And while she is always there to help all of the bloggers when necessary, she has enough faith in us to allow us to follow our own visions for what we believe should be covered on the blog.

And finally, I just wanted to say I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to both write and edit for this blog. It has been an amazing chance to learn and grow as a feminist. And while this will be my final post on ShoutOut, I am certainly looking forward to keeping up with the blog and seeing where our new and returning writers take it next semester and in years to come.

I hope you all have a happy holiday season, and a great New Year!

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