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Sunday Links Round-Up!

Welcome to this week’s Sunday links round-up! It’s been quite the busy, stressful week (for me, at least) so I hope our links round-up will give ya’ll some good reading so you can unwind (or get you wound up, as the case may be).

So this week, I read a MotherJones article reporting on a House GOP memo that circulated with the blatant racist lie that “abortion is the leading cause of death in the Black community.” Excellent reporting aside, I nearly had a rage blackout from the extent of the misinformation being propagated in this memo by members of congress (hm, wonder why their approval rating is so low…) in order to build support for the “Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”. Don’t be fooled by the title of the bill, it would ban abortion on the basis of race and sex. But tell me how you’re going to prove that that’s NOT why you had your abortion. It’s another sickening attempt to control Black women’s bodies and restrict their agency.

And on the topic of the GOP and the extent to which they want to control women, this morning I read a Rachel Maddow piece in the Washington Post, “War on birth control.” We’ve talked about it a lot on this blog already, but Maddow does a great overview of what Personhood amendments do and why they would ban birth control. She also details why this is no longer an extreme view, but is now the GOP’s mainstream perspective on birth control, and why that is incredibly detrimental to women (99% of whom have been on birth control — which includes Catholic women, of whom 98% have used contraceptives in their lifetime). In her usual kickass fashion, Maddow also explains why the Obama administration’s birth control ruling is not an infringement on religious institutions and not a deviation from current policy in certain states.

Oh, and I’m just gonna throw a third link out there: Sister Speak’s response in the Breeze to an article that engaged in stereotypes about feminism. In my totally impartial opinion (or not… I helped write it), this letter to the editor successfully debunks the idea that anger and passion are illegitimate responses to problematic things, and that there is something inherently irrational about a feminist opinion and analysis.

eszenyme wants to link us to:

This is an interesting article (“The Future of Women”) that attempts to answer all the questions about the future of feminism.  It questions the future of women in politics, college (grad and undergrad), sex selection, and more.  Some of the questions (and even answers) are a little ridiculous, but I think the article does a good job putting these questions into perspective.

And Pinterest’s not an article or a blog, but I really want to get some perspective on this website.  If you haven’t heard of it Pinterest is a website where people can “pin” their interests.  You can look up recipes, make up tips, decorating ideas, inspirational quotes, or not so inspirational quotes. While I think some of the things in this website are great (well, a lot of things), I also see some problems with the representations of women and what we should aspire to be.  However, there are a lot of pins that counter stereotypical reps. I think it is a very interesting and REAL look into the competing forces in women’s lives.

femistorian focused on the battle between the Obama administration and the (need I point out, all male) Catholic bishops over birth control:

This is an excellent summary of the GOP’s continuing war against women’s health AND their new partnership with the Catholic Bishops. Frankly, as an atheist, this entire situation pisses me off. The entire point of this law is so that women, if they so choose, can have affordable access to contraception (not abortifacients). Catholic universities and hospitals employee people of a wide variety of faiths. Often, the women employed with at these places work their because they employee people who didn’t go to college and therefore have a harder time getting jobs with health insurance. To deny these women contraception because of religious dogma is absurd. Not to mention that whole idea of “separation of church and state” that we have in this country. If the Bishops really want a say in this, I’d love them to, once they pay taxes.

And speaking of Catholics and contraception, this is an EXCELLENT piece from a CNN blog from a Catholic who is appalled by her church’s resistance to supporting women’s health. I’ll let it speak for itself.

internationalcupcakebandit read:

Clearly, I hate when people are sexist and essentializing, but it’s exciting when mainstream media gets behind the feminist movement. (Particularly, when it also includes Santorum making himself look like a fool). This article summarized Rick Santorum’s response to the Pentagon announcing plans to allow women into more front-line combat jobs.

This post is great, short and sweet. Celebrates the feminist spirit of women taking lead roles in comic books, particularly with women of color! I found this one the most interesting: Amar Chitra Katha series.

parklena recommends:

I found this post, “Ten Responses to the Phrase Man Up”, and it immediately grabbed my attention. I found the responses amusing and enlightening, especially because it touches on playing gender, specifically as men.

This is a very informative post about how society often makes light about issues that really should be taken more seriously. It shows just how deeply embedded things like rape are in our culture today and how we should be more aware of how it is shown around us.

And finally, I’d like to leave ya’ll with this great Jay Smooth ode to Mitt Romney and his utterly uninspiring phony persona:

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