I recently had a conversation with one of my male classmates in a feminist rhetoric course.  We were discussing the broad topic of, you guessed it, “feminism”, and the subject quickly turned to the role men play in the movement.  He seemed a little uneasy to pose the question, but finally inquired, “Even if I’m […]

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I Am A Woman, Hear Me Roar

I first started taking birth control my senior year of high school, which would mean that I have been on it for almost 5 years.  It wasn’t until I took a course on women’s health issues my spring semester of my junior year, that I gathered a complete knowledge of exactly what birth control does […]

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Speak Like A Lady

Few things annoy me as much as the phrase “speak like a lady.” I heard it all the time growing up, but given that I am the daughter of a fighter pilot father and a Spanish mother, my colorful vocabulary was, well, a learned behavior. I never really understood why this was a problem, and […]

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Links Round-Up

This week at Shout Out! Hannah Grace found a recent national poll  naming Hilary Clinton the most popular U.S. politician, with 61% of voters saying they would back her in 2016! Although the former Secretary of State claims she is not going back to politics, HannahGrace thinks she would make an exception to run for first woman President […]

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Feminist Roots: Know Your Own

I don’t remember when I became a feminist. Is that weird? I feel like it should be. I talk to other people about when they became aware of feminism or when they realized that they were one, and everybody seems to have this exact, precise moment in which their entire perception of the world was […]

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Because Personal IS Political

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been thinking a lot about body image lately. Especially how it impacts my daily life. And then I came across this article, arguing that exposing your personal life, your vulnerabilities, can be a feminist act. That there is empowerment to be found when women share their stories. So here’s […]

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