Links Round-Up

This week at Shout Out!

Hannah Grace found a recent national poll  naming Hilary Clinton the most popular U.S. politician, with 61% of voters saying they would back her in 2016! Although the former Secretary of State claims she is not going back to politics, HannahGrace thinks she would make an exception to run for first woman President of the United States!

shieldkt is a huge fan of Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So her link round-up this week is from the blog Gender Focus. They have Friday Feminist Funny Film every friday and this week is from the BAMF Girls Club episode 7 and Buffy is trying to matchmake Hermione with Willow. So if you need some good laughs this week I would watch this video clip.

FemOnFire found this helpful guide to determine whether the syllabus for a class is structured around patriarchal values, and an interesting commentary explaining why it’s important to recognize patriarchal values in the classroom.

ladychaotica21 wants you to check out this blogger’s take on feminism and intersectionality at the Superbowl Half-Time Show:

ShamelessFem asks: Women’s reproductive freedom or religious freedom?  Here’s an interesting article about how the lines blur when it comes to the birth control as a national issue.

JGrand50 found this article in which an exiting US General touts advancing women’s rights in Afghanistan as key to the advancement of the area. Positive news or imperialism under the guide of feminism?

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