Faking It

“Fake it til you make it!”
“C’s get degrees!”
“Wing it!”
Just to name a few common phrases that are commonly said when people are at their wits end, and being in college I’ve heard my fair share of “C’s get degrees”. But I’ve also heard that if you’re passionate, confident, or work hard enough you’ll become successful….WRONG (kinda). I recently went for a position for an internship and they asked if I knew how to work a program. Technically I do but not to the extent they need…but I wasn’t going to tell them that!

They said they wanted someone with some experience with the program they use often, well hiring companies how is someone supposed to have experience if you don’t give them a chance? I know how to use the program but I haven’t used it much cause I haven’t been given the opportunity yet. With this being said I might’ve stretched the truth a bit, “faked it, til I made it” and told them I had more experience then I actually…judge if you want.

The point is that I’ve notice how for women to get any opportunity we have to already be an expert and make no mistakes or else we’re seen as incompetent, while our male counterparts often are given mulligans. It seems that when men get an opportunity they have room to fail and take it as a learning experience. But women have to already be educated and aren’t allowed the room for mistakes. Let alone have us show any type of emotion during work we’re then completely incapable, called “crazy”, or let us be cold as ice, now we’re “bossy”, or a “bitch”. Even when a woman is given the opportunity they have to start at the bottom and work ten times harder and a year later still might not get to the next position.

Think about it this way, in 2019 women were more likely to have a bachelor’s degree than men (41.7% vs 36.2% according to census.gov) but women only earn 74 cents for every dollar men make (and this is only about gender if we considered race the numbers get worse). How is it that even if women work harder that we’re still seen as incompetent in some shape or for? I’m not trying to say I hate men but I hate how privileged they like, “Hey you…man…can you share some of that privilege? Your girl here needs a job…college isn’t paying for itself.” Until next time hopefully I’ll get the internship fingers crossed.

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