A Letter to My Freshman Self

Hey, you! It’s you…from the future. Here to offer you a bit of advice, hope, and overall real-ness. It’s March, which means your freshman year is just about to end. You’re celebrating spring break and you’re probably reflecting on how fast this first year of college went by. It feels good to be home, doesn’t […]

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Your News for THIS WEEK!

A lot is happening in the news – both nationally and globally. Here are a few key stories this week…   Green Book wins “Top Feature Film” The 2018 comedy-drama won a “Top Feature Film” award! Green Book is based on the true 1960s story of a blue-collared Italian-American bouncer and an African American classical […]

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MENtal health: Real Men Don’t Cry

“I DON’T have emotions. I’m not like YOU.” My most recent relationship revolved around this concept. My boyfriend would remind me, time and time again, that I was  overly emotional, which is something he couldn’t understand since he had “no emotions.” Men don’t have emotions, right? Real men don’t cry. This is SUCH a problem. Society […]

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