A Letter to My Freshman Self

Hey, you!

It’s you…from the future. Here to offer you a bit of advice, hope, and overall real-ness.

It’s March, which means your freshman year is just about to end. You’re celebrating spring break and you’re probably reflecting on how fast this first year of college went by. It feels good to be home, doesn’t it?

Finals are in a little over a month and let me tell you – shit gets real. You should really start studying because those are nothing compared to your high school finals. I know you think you’re prepared – but you’re not.

I know you’re freaking out thinking about what a year it’s been. From the new boys, new friends, (fake friends, too) procrastination on literally everything, and the countless late nights – you probably don’t know what you’re going to be doing in 4 years.

Trust me when I say – the C on the test that you thought you would ace…won’t matter. The  lying friend who you thought would be in your wedding party…won’t matter. Declaring your major sophomore year when EVERYONE else has their hopes and dreams lined up…won’t matter. What you wear that one Friday night that is “the party of the year”…won’t matter.

None of it matters.

Because you’re going to figure it all out. And you’re going to be kicking ass your senior year. NO, really, you’ve got this.

What does matter is that you’re doing more of what you love.

You’re surrounding yourself with people who make you better. People who celebrate your wins. People who mourn your losses with you. Those silly roadtrips on random weekends WILL matter. They’ll be what you remember. The classes that you enjoy – give it your all. The things you will learn are priceless. They do matter. Stay in touch with family. They’ll be there – no matter who else isn’t. Call them, ya know, maybe more than once a month.

What I wouldn’t give to go back to exactly where you are right now.

You will end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.

And guess what?

No one in college fully has their shit together. So don’t worry about it.

You are loved. You are capable. And you are awesome.

-Senior You


Feature Photo by Juan Ramos on Unsplash

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