Quick Hit: Close, But No Cigar

Huffpost Women wrote an excellent article about how there has been a great number of progress within the feminist movement of getting men on board with the message, but that we have to continue the movement with them.  Currently, we have been able to get men to understand the feminist movement by attaching acts of violence to possible women in their life and now we are using their own desire to fulfill their masculine role as ways to prevent violence.  The desire to fulfill the masculine role can be seen in campaigns like, “Real men don’t by women” and “My strength isn’t for hurting.”  These campaigns are great and have given progress to minimize violence against women, but the problem is that we aren’t breaking down the dominant gender roles just supplanting them.  Men are still being showcased at the protectors and placed in a higher role as the shining white knight to the violence against women (which they are the dominant perpetrators of).  We aren’t changing the culture that produces violence against women we are just given it a small shift that is helpful (don’t get me wrong) but it’s just not enough if we want true equality and the end of violence against women.  Check out the full article here!

Courtesy of HuffPost Women

One thought on “Quick Hit: Close, But No Cigar

  1. Alliances (men) are a huge part in women being equal. The more men that is on board the better and quicker it will happen. Unfortunately like you said it’s still not all the way there. But that fact that its getting closer and closer is great


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