Is it realistic?

The 75 Hard is a challenge created by Andy Frisella in 2019. It is known as a program meant to improve general mental toughness. The overall goal is to changes ones life permanently for the better. It says that it not only helps one physically but changes their thinking. With that being said, there has been a great deal controversy regarding this challenge making it seem unrealistic. This popular self-improvement program has gained a very large following. While the benefits such as increased discipline, mental toughness, and physical fitness, critiques argue the negative affects, such as overtraining, burnout, and focus on superficial goals. I will be comparing the pros and cons of the 75 Hard Challenge to evaluate its effectiveness. 

First, let’s lay out the guidelines of this challenge.

6 nonnegotiable rules: 

  1. Stick to a diet 
  2. No alcohol or cheat meals 
  3. Complete two 45-minute workouts every day (one being outside no matter what the weather is) 
  4. Drink a full gallon of water everyday
  5. Take daily progress photos
  6. Read 10 pages of inspirational non-fiction everyday

After doing more research and gaining a better understanding of what the 6 rules are, I felt overwhelmed. As this program has been trending on TikTok, the thousands that have tried it make it seem doable. Although, being a full time college student this seems like a daunting task. On the one hand, the discipline and mental toughness required by the challenge would be very beneficial to help stay focused on academic goals and establish a routine. In college after each semester with class changes it is difficult to get into the flow of everything which is when many find themselves in a “funk”. So, I do see this as a very positive tribute. The physical fitness component of the challenge can help you manage stress and improve your overall health. The two workouts, especially the one outside gives you planned out time in your day for yourself.

The potential consequences when taking on such a demanding program while juggling the demands of college is important to understand. Since it can be time-consuming it leaves little time for other important activities like studying, socializing, and self-care. The strict diet will take planning and be time-consuming. I am a sophomore and live on campus, so I don’t have all the luxury of making meals at home. I don’t have the ability to meal prep as easily or plan it out because I simply do not know what is being served in the dining halls until the day of.

Listening to your body is extremely important, and prioritizing your health and well-being should be the number one focus. Overtraining and burnouts are huge risks when attempting the 75 Hard. This is where the negative effects outweigh the positives. This could lead to a decline in academic performance and a low social battery.

While the challenge can help establish healthy habits and improve mental toughness, it’s important to consider the consequences and always listen to your body. Balancing the demands of the challenge with the demands of college requires careful planning and prioritization, and it’s important to prioritize your health. I don’t think it is impossible, but I do think that it is unrealistic overall as a college student. This seems like a summer challenge, for me personally.

These Tweets shows that regardless of pushing through the challenge exhaustion doesn’t go away.

This trend got extremely popular through TikTok. If you look up “75 Hard Challenge” the videos are endless. It is common for friends and couples to do it together to hold each other accountable.

These two friends spoke very highly of the challenge.
This couple completed the challenge together and show their before and after results.

4 thoughts on “Is it realistic?

  1. My roommates and I actually tried doing the 75 hard challenge before spring break and I have to agree with a lot of what you said. I think there are a lot of positive aspects to it, but I for one found it to be an added stress to an already busy schedule.


  2. Thanks for sharing this! I have been seeing a lot of people talking about the 75 hard challenge all over TikTok but I had no idea what it actually was.


  3. A lot of women in my family have struggled and fallen victim to diet culture and have lost themselves within it so anything like this I’m very sensitive to. I fully believe that the 75 hard is part of that diet culture and is way too intense and can create very toxic environments and mindsets. I especially think young girls, even those in college, should stay away.


  4. One influencer that I keep up with semi-often is doing this challenge, and as life changing as it seems, at the same time I totally agree with you that this is not realistic for college students. It seems extremely overwhelming when mixed in with a college schedule. I loved how you elaborated on what the challenge entails because seeing it through a cut and perfected version of an influencer is a lot different than the straight up rules of the challenge itself.


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