Womens Rightd around the world

It is sad to see that complete gender equality has not yet been accomplished anywhere across the globe. Growing up in America and learning about Women’s rights in places like Afghanistan and Iran has made me feel incredibly fortunate. Even though America is not perfect and has definitely not reached perfect gender equality, we are huge steps ahead of many other countries. I researched a few different countries and shared a few facts I found about each. Women’s rights are human rights!

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In Afghanistan Women have been banned from attending the gym, fairs, going to the park, and even using public bathrooms. Even with a male “chaperone”, these things are prohibited. Imagine wanting to take your children out to the park to play, but not being allowed. Or being out at a store with a male chaperone and not being able to use the restroom. It is insane to think that these women are being hidden from the public and life. According to Concern Worldwide US, 35 out of every 100 women are exposed to violence at the hands of an intimate partner.

In Iran, Mahsa Amini, A woman was just killed due to the dress code. This was one of the many breaking points for the women in Iran. Many men and women have been protesting for the rights of women but this has caused a large number of arrests and killings. What these people are fighting for are basic human rights for these women. Protests can be a cause of violence in many parts of the world but these people are standing up for basic human rights and to see these protests getting shut down in such violent ways is disheartening.

In Syria,  Women are dying due to the economic collapse. The healthcare services in Syria are falling apart and it is causing a huge effect on women. About 7.3 million women need medical help due to issues with their reproductive systems and numerous women are dying during childbirth. According to a survey, only 16.9% of women feel safe in their own communities. Not being able to feel safe is an awful feeling that I would not wish on anyone, and the fact that this many women feel that way is not okay at all.

In Somalia, women are seen in the government a bit more than in other countries but Somalia is ranked number 8 in the worst gender equality countries. The adolescent birth rate is 118 per 1,000 in women ages 15-19 and these women face serious discrimination in health care and respect for reproductive rights.

In Pakistan, Women’s safety in domestic relationships is ranked the 6th worst country in the world. Honor killings are when a family member, usually a woman, is killed due to dishonoring the family. Honor killings are a huge issue for women in Pakistan. According to The diplomat, 1,000 women are killed a year due to honor killings alone.

Gender equality is an issue everywhere and it is horrible to see the way women are treated around the world. There are many organizations to donate to if you want to help women across the globe. For example, the Malala fund helps women get an education in developing countries, you can raise awareness on social media, get involved in UN Women’s campaigns, or The Orchid Project, which helps raise awareness and money to help stop the violent act of women getting their genitals cut off. There are many other ways to contribute as well.

Photo by Cup of Couple on Pexels.com

One thought on “Womens Rightd around the world

  1. I enjoyed how thoughtful and eye-opening this piece is. Sometimes it’s difficult to put yourself in others’ shoes, and it’s so important to do so. I’ve been thinking a lot about everything that is going on around the world… Woman’s rights are definitely human rights and I wish I could do more to help.


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