Persons with disabilities are the world’s largest minority, representing 15% of the global population

World Health Organization: World Report on Disabilities, ihttps://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789241564182

Despite individuals with disabilities account for a large portion of the population, there is still a lack of advocacy and proper policies to accommodate these individuals. This is due to barriers many people with disabilities face such as fewer economic opportunities, higher poverty as well as access to necessary health resources.

These barriers make it harder for disabled individuals to participate in society the same as everyone else, in addition to their own personal battles. To overcome these barriers, it is important to provide education and awareness for policies and services that accurately meet their needs.

Gender Issues

“Women and girls with disabilities are subjected to multiple layers of discrimination. Based on their gender and disability status they often face “double discrimination”.

 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID): Advancing Women and Girls With Disabilities, https://www.usaid.gov/

1 in 5 women have a disability. Therefore, many women face “double discrimination”, along with many other layers of discrimination. The perspectives of individuals facing multiple layers of discrimination are important because they can provide a more accurate depiction of our society and the inequalities within it.

As a woman with a disability I have struggled in the past to openly discuss the barriers I face, accommodations I need, and ask for help. After exploring and utilizing the programs James Madison University provides for students I have gained confidence in my ability to advocate for not only myself but others as well. I have provided resources I found useful and I hope you do as well!


The Office of Disabilities Services at James Madison University provides programs, resources as well as accommodations to assist each student and their needs.

For more information and resources visit, https://www.jmu.edu/ods/index.shtml


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