“You Play Like a…”

Growing up, I was a dedicated tomboy. I loved soccer, video games, and Pokemon. Going into each recess I knew I had the choice to play sports with the boys or crafts with the girls. No matter what I chose, I knew I would be accepted into each group. This allowed me to find different […]

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Vote: use your voice

The next general election in Harrisonburg, VA is coming up this November, 8th! As citizens of the United States, individuals are given the ability to vote for people that represent their ideals and needs in society. Although we are lucky to have this power, there is a damanging misconception individuals have about our democracy, that […]

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Are you real?

Social media has allowed everyone the platform to create their ideal life, representing themselves and everything they do as “perfect”. The psychological definition of social media is “online services which encourage their users to digitise and publicly share previously private personal information”.  When I first started using social media in eighth grade, I remember how excited […]

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Despite individuals with disabilities account for a large portion of the population, there is still a lack of advocacy and proper policies to accommodate these individuals. This is due to barriers many people with disabilities face such as fewer economic opportunities, higher poverty as well as access to necessary health resources. These barriers make it […]