The feminine urge to love this trend

Trends come and go, feminist movements are forever. Tik Tok is a platform that creates many trends on a global scale. What makes Tik Tok so appealing is how relatable it is. “The Feminine Urge” trend creates content that individuals universally laugh about because they can relate and understand. This trend features many different examples including “the feminine urge to text ‘I’m going to bed gn’ when you aren’t getting enough attention” or “the feminine urge to bake when I’m sad”.

Overall, this particular trend attempts to create a platform for women to resonate with by outlining typical things most women do or feel. Whilst most of the trends are fairly true, is it safe to assume that these are stereotyping or dare I say a form of mockery? It is fair to consider, given that it generalizes these ideas into a common “feminine urge”. However, I believe most of these should be taken in light due to the laughable aspects and most women really can relate.

Additionally, “the masculine urge” is something that has gained some attention as well. While the feminine urge trend focuses more on personal aspects and deeper ideas, the masculine urge trend mostly surrounds physical aspects. Some of these include “the masculine urge to beat up my dad after all these years” and “yer masculine urge to die standing alone on a battlefield with 100 cavalry men charging towards me”. LINK. It appears that while the “feminine urge” trend discusses positive and uplifting traits and feelings women possess, the “masculine urge” trend highlights often negative traits of your stereotypical straight man, including one of my personal favorites, “the masculine urge to say ‘why would I lie?’ and then lie”.

Although these jokes are made in light, what are they suggesting about stereotypes? There are truths behind every stereotype, and I do not believe this trend is meant in any way other than for everyone to relate to. The term “feminine urge” while seeming exclusive, is just used to show stereotype, and what is great is that the trend has broadened its reach to all genders. Whether they be considered “feminine” or “masculine”, we can all relate to some of these urges in one way or another.

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