Women In Politics

In the WomenRepresentation’s most recent release report on women’s representation in Latin America, they explained how many Latin American countries are nearing gender equality. Of the five countries in the world to achieve gender parity, 3 of them are in Latin America: Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico. But why is that? The article states, “There is great […]

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Boys will be bugs

Most of us, I hope, are familiar with the Cavetown. Also known as Robert Daniel Skinner sings many popular songs, amongst the most popular “This is Home”, that have been trendy on TikTok and other social media. Cavetown is also popular for their song “Boys Will be Bugs”. This song has a deep meaning in […]

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The feminine urge to love this trend

Trends come and go, feminist movements are forever. Tik Tok is a platform that creates many trends on a global scale. What makes Tik Tok so appealing is how relatable it is. “The Feminine Urge” trend creates content that individuals universally laugh about because they can relate and understand. This trend features many different examples […]

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