Newsroom Roundup 10/15/21

In 10/12/21’s class, we shared one local, national, and global news story that relates to feminism.

Local: An annual breast cancer 5k/golf tournament will be held at the Heritage Oaks Golf Course on October 16th. This is their 19th year hosting this event and all the proceeds go to the cause of RMH Foundation for Breast Care and Treatment. You can find more information or sign up at this link!

National: On October 2nd each state had a women’s march in response to the recent Texas abortion law. The law enforces that women are unable to get an abortion after 6 weeks with no exceptions to rape or incest. This was taken as an attack on women’s reproductive rights and the marches were intended to relay a clear message to the senate that this will not be tolerated. Women’s March is a women-led movement that is committed to dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity, and respect. If you go to their website, (attached at the end of this paragraph) you will find that their next march is scheduled for October 23rd at 2 pm, in Ocean City, Maryland, and its purpose is to advocate for women’s rights.

Global: In our global news story we covered the $40 billion pledged for gender equality at a U.N. sponsored global gathering, $2.1 of which was donated by Bill and Melinda Gates. The money is said to be spent in the next five years on health and family planning programs, economic empowerment projects, and other initiatives for gender equality. This $40 billion donation is in support of the U.N.’s goal for 2030 that includes achieving gender equality, and we dove deeper during our class discussion as to why we think this goal is far too ambitious and vague.

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