brands to support that are female owned

Brands to support that are women-run

In today’s society, it is critical to support one another especially women supporting other women. The fashion industry, which is a multibillion dollar industry, has tons of brands trying to promote their clothing and stand out. In honor of girls supporting girls, I have complied a list of brands you can shop at that are female owned, for women lead by women.

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This is an independent brand ran by Miki, an influencer based in Thailand. She mixes whimsical patterns with bold images to create the perfect Harajuku streetwear vibe. Pieces often have bright colors and eye catching patterns. Dazed Studio has limited drops.

proper gnar

This is the first black female owned skate company and they make the cutest products! The website offers clothing, accessories, skate decks, and art too. The brand stands for inclusivity within the skate community which is something female skaters often have trouble with.


Based in Los Angeles, California, Rydel is a women owned and operated boutique. The brand offers plenty of clothing for the “IG Baddie” style and ships worldwide. The brand offers edgy, boho, and chic styles to play around with.

savage x fenty

This brand is owned by the superstar, Rihanna, who aims to make inclusive and affordable pieces of lingerie fit for all different types of women. The brand focuses on different types of lingerie pieces that are unique in design but also includes loungewear and sleepwear. It was founded in 2018. Rihanna also does a yearly fashion show for the brand, which showcases all types of people modeling her lingerie while performing.

Bailey prado

Bailey creates unique crocheted pieces all made by hand. She is based in Los Angeles and London. Each piece is made to order and can be created in any size.

disco lemonade

This brand is super whimsical and helps you embrace your inner fairy! Handmade and founded by Emily also known as Lem, Disco Lemonade features rave wear that is sexy and unique and sure to earn you some compliments. The amount of intricate patterns and effort that goes into her clothing is insane and it is definitely something to check out as Halloween is approaching! Each item has a processing time of 12-16 weeks since everything is handmade.

Inbodi swim

This is a women owned sustainable swimwear company. Founded by two FIT alumni, their pieces are simplistic and elegant, offering conservative and sexy swimsuits. Even though summer is over, keep this brand in mind for ethical swim options in the summer!

up and down

Curated by Heaven Carsito, the brand features sexy and chic millennial clothing. There are product drops every Wednesday. The brand uses neutral colors and enhancing fabrics to create the perfect style.


Sades is a clothing brand founded by Sydney. She specializes in reworked vintage and one of a kind custom pieces. She only ships within the United States but plans to expand internationally in the future. Sades incorporates elements of streetwear and chic club wear.

Overall, when shopping in 2021, it is crucial to make sure we are supporting ethical brands and fellow female lead brands in order to empower other women. The brands I included are just some of the more low-key female owned brands that are out there waiting to be explored. It is important to do your research and make sure you know where your items are coming from. In the future I hope to see the expansion of female owned brands globally.

2 thoughts on “brands to support that are female owned

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. As someone who loves to shop I will definitely be coming back to your post often to browse these websites.


  2. I LOVE THIS – stalking all these websites and Instagrams now. Shopping small businesses especially women-led businesses feels so rewarding. I would love to support other girls in their passion to have clothing companies.


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