Newsroom roundup 9/28

Local: The owner of A Bowl of Good is hosting a fundraiser to support Beyond Borders in Haiti who last August experienced a Earthquake large than the one that happened in 2010 there.

National: There could possible be another government shutdown in the near future. The new funding bill proposed by democrats failed to get enough votes and was blocked by the republican senate. Democrats have until Thursday to come up with a bill that will be approved by both parties

Global: Dar’a, Syria made a ceasefire agreement on September 9th. For context there has been an ongoing civil war in Syria. The war started with a rebellion against the government in 2011/2012. Over the past summer, rebels fought to retake Dar’a, which forced 36,000 people out of their homes. With the ceasefire agreement 77% pf the displaced people have returned to their homes and security has been “reportedly stabilized” in the city of Dar’a.

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