Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, March 31, 2021 is international Transgender Day of Visibility. All around the world, transgender and nonbinary people will be recognized today and it is our job as allies and advocates to show up and show them support. Today is an extremely important day, so let’s talk about it!

With such an important day, it is important to understand the history behind it and the impact it has made on the world. In 2009, Rachel Crandall, a Michigan-based transgender activist, founded Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) as a way of spreading awareness and celebrating the successes of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. Transgender Day of Visibility was created as a way to celebrate the success of trans and nonbinary individuals in accordance with Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th), which was created after Rita Hester, a black transgender woman in Boston, who was brutally stabbed in her own apartment. Today illustrates the importance of transgender representation worldwide, especially as transgender and gender-nonconforming people face risks every day. Today and every day, it is important to show your support and remember that regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc. they deserve they deserve support, respect, and most important of all, the safety to live their live however they choose to do so.

Here are a few ways that you can support the transgender community today:

Seek out stories by transgender creators: While the media has progressed over the years when it comes to transgender representation, it is important that you seek out authentic stories and media that has been created by the transgender community. Transgender Film Center is an incredible non-profit organization that supports and brings attention to transgender filmmakers and their projects. This one is important as is brings awareness to all of the hard work that the transgender community has done.

Support your local LGBTQ Center: This can be done through volunteering or offering a service. Call your local LGBTQ center and ask what kind of help or supplies they may need. We may not see these centers as often, but they are their and it is a good way to support your local community and show the transgender and nonbinary community that you care and that you are willing to help.

Educate yourself!: The best thing you can do for the transgender community is to educate yourself and others. This can be as simple as learning basic terminology surrounding the transgender community. Speaking to members of the community is important and it vital when trying to educate yourself, however one must not assume that all transgender individuals are willing to share their story and experiences. There are many resources out there that will help you educate yourself and learn to be a better ally to the community.

Today is a day of celebration! So today, and everyday after that show up and show your support for the community and educate yourself. The community has made strides over the years but the fight is not over and the community needs to be lifted up and heard.

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