The Deplorable Story of Sarah Everard

Say her name: Sarah Everard. 

Photo of Sarah Everard from SkyNews

Sarah was a 33-year old woman who worked as a marketing executive that lived in South London. On March 3rd, she left a friend’s house around 9 p.m. to head back home for the night. Unfortunately, she never made it home. After an exhaustive search, her remains were found in a wooded area on March 12th.

The same day Sarah remains were found, Wayne Couzens was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard. Couzens was a 48-year-old Police Officer. A police officer who was supposed to protect the people and carry out his duties by following the law. It is important to mention that Sarah walked well-light streets and called her boyfriend on the phone to let him know where she was going, yet she was attacked and taken from her loved one’s way too soon.

Well, if you are enraged by this. You are not the only one. Thousands of women across the U.K are infuriated by the kidnapping and killing of Sarah Everard and a survey showed that 80% of women have experienced sexual harassment in a public space

However, the U.K. probably dealt with this situation in the worst way possible. Instill a curfew for women. Ah, yes because it’s the woman who is always too blame. Icing on top of the cake is that local police moved in on “protecting the streets”. Sarah Everard also thought she was safe when she saw a police officer roaming the streets.

It is time to be mad. It is time to be outraged. It is time to act. 

I think I can speak on behalf of all women when I say, we are tired of being scared to do simple every-day tasks. From taking out the trash at night to walking to our car in a parking deck– we are sick and tired of looking over our shoulder every couple of seconds and holding our car keys in between our fingers. 

Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

If we can’t walk home on a well –light street at 9pm at night. What will it take for women to feel safe again in society? 

Regardless, take this story of Sarah and advocate for women like her. Yes, this didn’t happen in the United States, but as a feminist – we advocate for women everywhere. A movement like feminism doesn’t have borders and we will fight for justice here. But how? 

Some ideas could be to write to congress and demand to see more progressive thinking in respect to protecting women in the community. Educate women on self-defense, dangerous areas of town/ people to watch out for, or maybe start a social media account with daily tips. Get involved with clubs/organizations in your community that prevents violence against women. Educate yourself on your own rights and recognize what actions you can do when in a tough situation with someone of authority. Lastly, you can always donate to causes that promote women in ways of health, mental health, professional needs, etc. 

However, remember Sarah Everard and her story. Say her name. 

One thought on “The Deplorable Story of Sarah Everard

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post, we saw in this weeks newsroom that the me too movement in the U.K is still ongoing and that 97% of women have experienced sexual assault in some way so add that to the list of problems the U.K is experiencing. To hear that now a police kidnapped and murdered this woman and it was decided to put a curfew on all women is so enraging and solves nothing. Keeping police officers accountable for their abuse of the law is what is right, its not justice in any way to punish the women of the U.K.


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