Newsroom Roundup

This past week in news:  Local:  On Thursday, Mary Baldwin University (MBU) responded to claims that one of their women’s basketball players used racial slurs during a January 30th game against William Peace University. In the MBU statement, ““During the investigation we carried out in conjunction with colleagues at WPU, our administrators carefully reviewed video […]

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Not All Gynos are Feminists

Let us talk about the wide spectrum of opinions about the topic of birth control pills.  On one side, you have people viewing the pill as a way to choose what one woman chooses to do with their body. It could be looked at as a contraceptive, a way to regulate one’s period, a way […]

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Not the reaction I was expecting…

As someone who is passionate about social advocacy, I applied to a graduate school program at a university that is very well known for their political communications master’s degree.  As someone who has a rather low GPA, I thought it would be silly to apply – but I did anyways.  I remember everyone was super […]

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