The Tolls of the Polls: Election Day and Mental Health

Today is the day that will make history. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been dreading this day. I have been seeing multiple things on tik tok and Twitter about how scared people are at this time. With everything that has been going on, it has taken a toll on my mental health. I honestly have been feeling numb to any news that I see on the media. I have seen things that I never thought could happen, that are happening to us every day. College has already weathered down my mental health, but with the pandemic, the politics, and a bunch of other bs on top of it, it’s been bad.

Every day I do homework and go to class like it is a regular time. I am worried about a midterm on Friday when a civil war could break out anytime this week. I wear a mask anywhere I go and keep my distance from people, and I think it’s a regular day. I see riots and people protesting for their rights. I see police beating and killing innocent people and have no repercussions. I see articles about how women’s rights are going to be stripped away. I see white supremacists toting around guns with no backlash. I see the effects of climate change and the raging forest fires in California. I see people being openly racist and inhumane to others. I see people being homophobic and harassing the LGBTQ+ community. I see the patriarchy influencing misogynistic behaviors. This isn’t even all of the shitty things that are going on in the United States.

It just seems like all of this is a nightmare fever dream. Sometimes I feel like dissociating from reality because of how fucked up it can be.
I know right now, for many with mental health issues, this is a tough time. I have Depression and Anxiety, and for me, it has been hard to keep hope when our futures look dim. I have been despairing lately and beating myself up over it, but then I remember what is happening in this world. I think when you have mental illness and a lot of bad things happen, it gets hard to receive little to no serotonin.

I wanted to make this post for today so that people know that they are not alone. I know a lot of my friends are feeling the exact same way I am feeling, and I know many others out there do as well. And for the people who have friends or family members who have mental health issues, PLEASE CHECK ON THEM. It is a tough time for everyone right now but especially for those with mental health issues. If you have any friends of color or friends who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community, please check on them as well. There have been multiple threats of harming those in either POC or the LGBTQ+ community, so please make sure they are safe!

Here are some websites that are great resources for those with mental health issues:


4 thoughts on “The Tolls of the Polls: Election Day and Mental Health

  1. I appreciate this post so much! We all have to do what we can to step away and take good care of ourselves. The news cycle is only going to get wilder in the days to come.


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