Ready or Not Here Comes The Squad

5 thoughts on “Ready or Not Here Comes The Squad

  1. “With politics being something cringe worthy at times, I hope knowing that sometimes the who and not the what can be just as much of a game changer.” — YES! Thank you for this uplifting post!


  2. I loved this! I know a lot about AOC because I feel like she is always in the news, but I learned so much about the other three strong women in the squad! I love these women and I am so excited to see all they continue to do!

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  3. I enjoyed this post. This actually gave me the inspiration to add to one of my blogs. Women in politics are such a great thing! It’s time to change the face of politics. Women should be involved just as much as men are. We should have a voice in the decision being made that will affect us. It’s great to not only have women involved but women of color.

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