“Piss On The Floor” Mentality

Most of us who frequent tiktok know the audio that essentially says, “You have to start romanticizing your life… you have to start believing you’re the main character…” and so forth. I never really related to the audio and thought a lot of the toks folx were posting with the audio in the background were corny and just looked like something from a coming of age film, until I started coming across dog videos– specifically dogs pissing on the floor with the audio talking about romanticizing your life in the background. Not only is this comedy gold, but for some odd reason, I resonated with this use of the audio more than the people who were using it to show their travel journey, or skateboard adventures, or whatever the hell they were sharing. I related to the dogs pissing all over the floor MORE than actual, real people, and I have no clue what that says about me, but it’s probably important. But, I have come to the realization that this was because the dogs were being REAL and RAW, it wasn’t a performative act– the dogs simply had to pee and they did it, and by doing that, they solidified my love of the “main character” audio. 


Okay, I know that was a weird way to start this post, but trust me– it will [hopefully] make sense. I have always been very outgoing and extroverted, even leaning into dramatic, but until recently, I absolutely hated being perceived unless I purposely put myself in a situation in which I absolutely had to be.  I never considered myself a “main character” because why would I? I never felt the need to romanticize my life UNTIL the dog tiktoks. I realized that I had to adopt a “piss on the floor” mentality, that I needed to be comfortable enough in my own body and in this world to pee on the floor and make unwavering eye contact while doing so as classical music plays in the background. 

Obviously, I don’t mean this literally, what I mean is that we absolutely have to adopt an “I don’t give a fuck” mentality or, rather, a “piss on the floor” mentality. I know from experience that this is an extremely hard mindset to adopt, but trust me, once you come to terms with the fact that EVERYONE is the main character in their own lives and NO ONE is thinking about the things you do or say as much as you think about the things you do or say, it truly makes a difference not only in how you carry yourself, but how you view your everyday activities as a human person. I also believe it is appropriate and necessary to state that we are not the main character in everyone’s lives– that shit’s toxic.

“You have to start romanticizing your life. You have to start thinking of yourself as the main character because if you don’t — life will continue to pass you by. And all the little things that make it so beautiful will continue to go unnoticed. So take a second, and look around and realize that it’s a blessing for you to be here right now.”

Ashley Ward

For me, this mindset usually comes out to play at the grocery store, or Target, or any thrift store since those are the three places I visit the most. Once I realized that I am my own main character and that no one really cares at all, I found that dancing while walking/in the aisles became a usual activity for me, and from that sparked the need to do finger guns anytime anyone makes eye contact with me which is honestly just really fun and everyone really enjoys it. I think one of my favorite things I have started doing since not giving a fuck about being perceived (that I believe everyone should always do) is complimenting strangers on even the smallest aspects like their eyelashes, or face mask, or socks, or voice, or literally ANYTHING!! I only do this if I immediately notice something groovy about someone because I never want the compliments to be disingenuous, but I cannot express how beautiful doing this is because these itty bitty things can literally turn someone’s whole day around. I know this activity is especially hard for folx with severe social anxiety, and I respect that heavily, but if you have ever gotten complimented by a stranger (without it being catcalling, or uncomfy) you know that feeling is honestly really exhilarating. 

All this to say, a “piss on the floor” mentality truly makes you realize the things or activities that make you happy and allows you to do them without the fear of rejection, judgement, or ridicule because NO ONE is thinking about you as much as YOU think about you, so why not do whatever the fuck you want– wear those platform boots to Food Lion, tell that girl she’s cute even though you can’t see her full face under her mask, sing in Target, twerk in the parking lot, ask people how they’re doing, tell strangers you love them– bring light into other people’s lives, as well as your own. Piss on that floor, but do it with love.

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