Your Gender Reveal Parties Are Weird 

Not everyone wants to have children, and that is perfectly fine. But those who do, especially for men who do, why are you so mad about having daughters? In pop culture today, we are swamped with “gender reveals.”

For those who live under a rock, a “gender reveal” is a party thrown by the parents-to-be where the couple finds out the gender of their baby.

*Newsflash: Gender is not only a spectrum but it is also a social concept. Also, these parties are cringey.*

Everywhere you look on social media, there are loads of disturbing examples of gender. People are literally dehumanizing their future child/children to objects like “ruffles or rifles”, “nuts or no nuts”, “wheels or heels”, and so on.


Is this weird to anyone else? Because these parties creep me out just a tad. 

The most troubling part about all of this is that most of the time, when the baby’s gender is  “revealed” and the couple is having a girl, the father becomes visibly upset. Or when it’s “revealed” that the parents are having a boy, they say things like “thank god” or are visibly more excited.


I strongly believe that one of the main reasons men get so upset is because they know how they treat women and do not want to have to deal with males treating their daughter(s) that way.

*Breaking News: Stop. Treating. Women. Like. Shit.*

Mind blown yet? Because it is truly that simple.


Men would rather raise sons because boys are “easier.” In addition, the patriarchal society we live in that tells us boys should not express emotions, wear the color pink, become a dancer, etc. The list could go on forever.

But girls just require so much effort. They have to deal with their emotions and wear pink and do girly stuff. And do not even get me started on their periods.

Grow up, please.


This also delves into toxic masculinity. God forbid a father takes his daughter to see the ballet, but jumps at the bit to take his son to a football game. Our society looks down upon men doing “feminine” things, but it is 2019 y’all. Get over yourselves. If your kid is doing something that they love and excel at, let them do it! If it makes them happy, it should make you happy. Period.

Fun fact: your daughter could be a much better football player than your son, and your son could be a much better dancer than your daughter. And guess what? THAT IS TOTALLY OK!


Getting upset over a gender reveal is childish. Point blank. All your child wants is to be loved and taken care of. It is very possible to raise boys and girls the same. If you did not already know, boys and girls are capable of doing the same things. Woah.

Stop getting so angry about having daughters or overly excited about having sons, and focus more on raising good, well-rounded, and intrigued children.

 After all, they will be who they are and do what they want. 

4 thoughts on “Your Gender Reveal Parties Are Weird 

  1. I loved this blog post! You had so many strong points, especially that the couples that do these gender reveal parties for their unborn children are the same parents that are going to enforce those same gender norms on their children as they grow up. It’s an important issue to bring up, and important to let your child express themselves and find where they lie on the gender spectrum themselves, without enforcing restrictive and harmful stereotypes! Well done.

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  2. This is a well written and executed blog post. I 100% agree that parents should not be upset or angry when they reveal the gender of their future child. Parents should not limit their children to these gender norms either. These sayings that they use are so limiting to like “tiaras or tractors”. It limits their child to what they will do or have depending on their gender. It is appalling that people already limit their children to what is appropriate before they are even born! This article is so important for everyone to read because I think a lot of people feel the same way, just do not know how to say it.


  3. I LOVE THIS. I remember a video from a gender reveal that went viral only weeks ago. Upon finding out the parents were having a boy the father exclaimed, “Oh thank god.” What was worse is I saw it shared thousands of times. Disgusting. If you’re unable to be happy regardless of gender, maybe don’t be a parent?


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