Who Do YOU Know Here?

Weekends are the best. After a long week of stress and showing up to class with greasy hair and the same t-shirt you wore to bed, THE WEEKEND IS YOUR TIME TO POP OUT SIS! end gif

The weekend routine is simple for us college gals. Friday mornings start with several texts in the group chat with your besties inquiring about which frat is going total Project-X mode that night. You all then are forced to figure out how you are going to get Liz’s boyfriend from Tech into the party without trouble. The group comes to the conclusion that as long as all of you walk in with him, he will be allowed entry into the gates of the sweaty, testosterone filled hell–I mean the infamous frat basement. Image result for frat basement

Photo: https://totalfratmove.com/i-have-a-large-scar-on-my-stomach-from-sliding-shirtless-across-the-fraternity-basement-floor/

I mean it is just second nature to us kids now. If we want to get our boyfriends, friends, or gay besties into frats for a wild night…we must convince the frat boys they are not being threatened by the presensce of another male. Let’s face it. Women are seen as sexual objects at these parties. Showing up with a boy not in the frat means that the possibility of a girl hooking up with one of the brothers of the frat are lessened. Thus, we are forced to make up for that loss by bringing several more girls. Record scratch. Yep, you heard that right ladies and gents! How have we let the boys control us so subconsciously? How did it work out that we are aware we are being seen as sexual objects but still continue to participate in this bullsh*t? Lastly, why are we supplying these boys with more girls to pounce on, in exchange for a blurred, fishy smelling night spent on checking our drinks for roofies, walking to the bathroom 20 times as a girl gang to avoid getting pounced on by the everso desperate pledge, and hearing Mo Bamba on repeat? 


Reflecting on the nonsense we subconsciously do to please men has made me realize–WE need to WAKE UP. Women should not be traded like a commodity in order for access to some little party. We are not responsible for feeding brothers’ egos and providing them women to possibly hook up with. Men denying access to outsiders due to the possible threat of competition for girls is barbaric and should no longer be tolerated. 

We all like to dress up, go out, and party. HOWEVER, we don’t like having to camoflauge our guy friends with a group of girls in order for them to be allowed access. We don’t like being seen as sexual objects. We don’t like being traded like a commodity. We don’t like feeding men’s egos. We don’t like feeling that we traded our safety for a chance of a fun party. 

We are women. We have hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We are people. 

We are all college students who work hard and want to play hard, but not compromise our safety, morals, and values as a result. Stand up for what’s right and don’t be afraid to just jam with your besties in the comfort of your own living room to Jonas Brothers. 

Stay tough.

Xo K

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