Home Again

  The time has come. FINALS. ARE. OVER.  Now, we return to our human bodies rather than the robotic mindless ones we have been in for two weeks. We change out of the same sweatpants we have been wearing for the entire week of finals. We wash the 6 day old buildup of dry shampoo […]

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I Know You Are But What Am I?

I had my big Eat, Pray, Love moment a couple weeks ago. During class, each person of color shared an experience that he or she had dealt with during their time here at JMU. As I felt the attention of my peers shift to me to hear what stories I had to share, I, myself, was looking for the next […]

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The Ultimate Beatdown

I joined a kickboxing/self defense class at the beginning of the school year. YEP! This was my year to become stronger mentally and physically.   Eager to soak up all the new kick moves and punching combinations, I arrived to a kickboxing gym that reminded me of the one in the Napoleon Dynamite movie. (Does anyone […]

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Who Do YOU Know Here?

Weekends are the best. After a long week of stress and showing up to class with greasy hair and the same t-shirt you wore to bed, THE WEEKEND IS YOUR TIME TO POP OUT SIS! The weekend routine is simple for us college gals. Friday mornings start with several texts in the group chat with […]

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