What Feminists Are Into This Week

Local News

Annual event called “Women in Focus” held at the Court Square Theater:

Harrisonburg has an annual event that focuses on Women’s issues. Last year the focus was on women in the work field. This year the focus was on female caregivers. People usually concentrate on the person they are caring for, but this event is concentrating on caring for the caregiver. Women from various fields gather to discuss preventive screenings for physical well being, and how to maintain your mental health while caring for another person.

Members of Shenandoah Valley attend vigil for victims of New Zealand mosque attack:

Dozens of members in the valley attended a vigil at the Islamic Center of the Shenandoah Valley. They attended the vigil to honor the 50 individuals who lost their lives to senseless violence at the hands of a white supremacist. One member of the Islamic Center commented, “Our hearts mourn with our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand today, they were murdered in a place that should’ve been safe and free to worship.”

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National News

Proposed Florida abortion bill would require judge to rule if teen is mature enough to end her pregnancy:

House bill 1335, which was first introduced in the beginning of march, would require teens to present their case to a judge in the event that parent approval is not present. The director of public policy at Planned Parenthood, Kim Scott, challenged the bill, writing: “This bill is only going to disproportionately disenfranchise the young people who are in dangerous situations” Some of the criteria for the bill include: “age, overall intelligence, emotional development and stability, and ability to accept responsibility.” Simply put, this woman is immature so let’s give her a kid. 


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Pennsylvania jury acquits former police officer that murdered Antwon Rose:

Michael Rosfeld, a former police officer, was acquitted after murdering unarmed 17-year-old Antwon Rose last summer. It is said that Rosfeld was just sworn in hours before the murder. This story shows that there are huge racial disparities within the criminal justice system.

antwon rose

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Global News

Female judges in Italy doubt victims accounts:

Two judges doubted a victims accounts partially because they found her “too masculine” to be an attractive victim. The judges then decided to clear two men of rape charges. Italy’s highest court then rejected the decision and the rapists are facing a retrial. The two judges who came to the decision were female, Luisa Rizzitelli says “it’s striking that such stereotypes are spoken in a courtroom by other women”.

Civil rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes for defending women’s rights:

Nasrin Sotoudeh was punished after defending women who had removed their headscarves. Sotoudeh had been punished previously for her relation to human rights organizations. Sotoudeh is an important member of the community, previously serving as a lawyer defending abused children and mothers, activists and journalists. Human rights activists around the globe are calling for her to be released.


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